Simple is The Best


The city, which has beautiful sea and various attractions, another famous spot in the middle of it, We are pleased to introduce you to Hotel Kyung-Sung, a base camp for a happy time, a pleasure to those who are looking for the city.


Situated at the center of Busan, Hotel Kyung-sung is a resting place that puts customer comfort first. 

Based on convenient transportation, cheap price, easy booking, comfortable room with a simple design, easy-to-use roof top cafe, and safe and preventive measures, we are committed to your valuable time.

We will listen to the customer's small voice, offer more comfortable and comfortable breaks with differentiated services and facilities, and strive to be the hotel you want to return.


Convenient transportation, various sightseeing spots

- 3 minutes on foot from Exit 9 of Seomyeon Station on Line 1 and 2 of Busan Subway Line (Direct connection to the subway from Busan Station, within 30 minutes from Gwangalli, Haeundae, and Convention Center BEXCO)
- There are many public parks, traditional markets, fruits and vegetable market, department stores and food streets nearby.
- Convenient and safe, with convenience stores, banks, post offices, and police stations all around you.

-we have own parking space. A total of 5 vehicles can be parked.

you can on a First-come-first-served parking.

if parking lot is full You can use the parking lot that we cooperate with.

If you use a parking ticket issued by Hotel Kyungsung , you can use it for 10,000 won per day.


Friendly front desk

- Friendly staff welcomes you.
- Travel bag and valuables (safe deposit box) are safe.
- You can use FAX as a guide of your staff.


Clean and comfortable rooms

- The rooms are remodeled and furnished in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere with the refined and comfortable interior.
- Beddings and other furnishings are thoroughly inspected and cleaned daily. We use allergenic, rhinitis, and anti-inflammatory products for bedding and all laundry is handled by a professional laundry company that manages the system thoroughly every day using detergents that are not harmful to the human body.
- There is no sick house syndrome or electromagnetic waves due to the heating of the film floor, and the air can be warmed by the far infrared radiation heat to take a comfortable sleep. The air conditioner is cleaned regularly for cleaning, such as clean air conditioning for pleasant indoor air.
- Anti-vandalism protects the entire room from the front to the rooms, corridors, and rooftop with CESCO.


Secure expense

- Hotel Kyung-Sung The building is designed to be earthquake-resistant, and fire safety facilities are located on every floor.
- Hotel Kyung-Sung has 3 CCTVs on the 1st-floor front and 2 CCTVs on all the hall corridors.
- Hotel Kyung-Sung carefully checks every day with a camera detector to clean the room daily to avoid the camera.


Easy booking & a high caustic ratio

- Hotel Kyung-Sung can be easily booked using our homepage system. At the end of the payment, the room key password will be automatically delivered to the customer's cell phone message. If you have a password, you do not need a room key to enter the room. Your password will be automatically expired at the end of your stay.
- Hotel Kyung-Sung is a pricey price compared to facilities and location, and it has a big advantage over the price.
- General: 4:00 pm Check-in the next day at 11:00 am Check-out (20 hours)


Healthy discomfort to know

- For a healthy accommodation culture, guests must use honest accommodation. If you do not complete your stay, you will not be able to stay.
- Hotel Kyung-Sung cannot be used part-time.
- Hotel Kyung-Sung is a smoke-free building as well as all rooms. Smoking is permitted in rooms and terraces, and guests may be charged an additional 1 night stay for room maintenance. Thank you for your understanding for the pleasant environment for everyone.
- There is no computer in the room. (Computer and internet are available on the 11th floor of the rooftop.)
- In the room, you can not serve food delivered by the outside.
-Adult cable broadcasting and adult products are not provided.

- Please refrain from going out of the room with excessively private and light clothes (pajamas, underwear) as the public spaces shared with other guests (front, corridor, roof top floor) are not shared. Care for each other creates their dignity.



Floor Guide


Roof top floor (Get off the 10th floor and use the stairs).